Internet settings for Nepal Telecom (NTC) GSM Mobile Phones

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Here is a simple solution to enable GPRS or 3G or 4G Internet in NTC GSM Pre-Paid Mobile phone.

Nepal Telecom’s (NTC) Pre-paid GSM Service – Namaste Phone – comes with pre-activated cellular data services (GPRS, 3G or 4G when available) provided you have the new SIM card or you are currently in new NTC Network signal.

Dial *9# from your mobile and see if you get your mobile number. You are in the new network area if you get your mobile number. Otherwise you are still in the old network. This procedure doesn’t work if you have recently got a new SIM card from NTC as it is pre-new network enabled.

Activate 3G Cellular Data in NTC Prepaid SIM

Just type 3G and send SMS to 1400. This is a free SMS for activation of NTC 3G.

Receive Internet setting in your mobile phone

Most of the smartphones including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Phones, GiONEE, Huawei, Xiomi MI phones automatically detect and apply Internet settings as soon as you insert SIM card into the phone. You DO NOT need to do anything.

Send an SMS to 1404 with the following message for your mobile phone.

Nokia / LG / Motorola / Indian mobile set: gprs

Samsung mobile phones: sagprs

Sony Ericsson mobile phones: segprs

Chinese local mobile phones: chgprs

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