Nepal Telecom (NTC) launches WiFi hotspots thru out the country, free public access for the first 3 months

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is about to launch broadband Wireless hotspots named “NTC WiFi” thru out the country. The Wi-Fi hotspot service will be deployed in the capital city Kathmandu and subsequently in all other major cities – however enough challenge is there for NTC as there already exist some established and popular Wireless Internet & Wi-Fi hotspot service providers in the country (list of Wireless ISPs in Nepal.)

Nepal Telecom NTC's Wireless WiFi hotspot service soon to be reality
Nepal Telecom NTC’s Wireless WiFi hotspot service soon to be reality

Places with free public NTC Wi-Fi available

We have been accessing free public Wi-Fi service from Nepal Telecom in all major airports including TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport), and Pokhara airport. However, this free public Wi-Fi service is unreliable like all other NTC’s services, you have to be lucky to get connected (NTC WiFi SSID is broadcasted publicly but never connected or the luck factor!)

Besides airports, one can see the wireless signal named NTC WiFi or NTC Public WiFi or similar in/around Bir Hospital, TU Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj, and soon in Gangalal Hridaya Rog Kendra (Gangalal Heart Center). However, the WiFi hotspot points in airports were just broadcasted wirelessly not as a part of some broadband Wireless network (as announced now.)

Coverage details of Nepal Telecom WiFi

NTC has been planning to deploy public wireless hotspot WiFi thru out the country since years (but… we know how things are!) As of now, Nepal Telecom has planned to install hotspots at various 500 places/meeting points to provide paid Wi-Fi hotspot service. However, NTC has not released a detail coverage and availability map of their WiFi services which they call “Broadband Wireless Hotspot WiFi.”

According to the news published by RSS, Nepal Telecom is targeting hospitals, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, bus parks, and places with tourist attentions & gatherings for broadcasting their public WiFi hotspot service.

Free NTC WiFi, really?

Hilariously, Nepal Telecom has announced that they are providing three months of free public access to their Wireless WiFi hotspots as a part of NTC’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities.) Or should we understand that NTC would like to test their Wi-Fi network before charging the furious customers (who are fade up with poor or no customer service from the company.)

We are no hopeful with this NTC’s approach unless and until we use this, and we feel like using broadband as they call. However, lets hope the entry of Nepal Telecom in this wireless hotspot market will lower the price for customers as there are already some established and popular wireless service providers in the country.

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