[How to] Save Internet data in Windows 8 & 10 – turn off automatic Live tiles & App update

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Windows live tiles on Metro Windows 8 and 10 Start Screen is one of the key features introduced in Windows 8 where you get the updates on the go. These tiles keep you updated with the latest of information like the email, news, weather, calendar and several other apps. One way, you can take it as benefit of the Metro Start screen because you don’t have to go any other places for information what you get there. Let’s explore how we can save expensive Internet data bandwidth in Windows 8 and 10 based computers, tablets, and even Surface tablets. This is aimed at saving 3G data cards from NTC or NCell, or even CDMA Sky and UTL Net.

Turning off Live Tiles on Metro Start Menu in Windows 8
Turning off Live Tiles on Metro Start Menu in Windows 8

It appears that the start screen is for easy approach to the information. These tiles make your approach to any Windows 8 or 10 Metro apps easy. But, many users feel this clumsy covering the entire screen and affecting their works. Obviously, why would I want to know the temperature of New York and fog on Sydney or see the latest posts and pictures of my friends from Facebook?

Such update also uses your internet data unknowingly. And if you are using data packages for internet in your laptops then it will lead to fast loading of downloading data usage, surely it will make loss of your money. There is a simple way to disable the updates of such live tiles.

You can follow these four steps:

  1. On the start screen.
  2. Select the tile that you want DISABLE, to do this just Right-click it.
  3. If you look to the bottom of the screen, you will see a TURN OFF LIVE TILE button, Click it.
  4. Now you can see live tiles does not show any updates.

And finally this won’t make loss of internet data. Hope it helps. 🙂

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