Nepal's first digital Television service Subisu's Clear TV launched, review included


Clear tv, the brand of next generation digital TV service launched by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) – now digital broadcaster Subisu, is for those customers with existing Cable TV and Cable Modem Internet at their premises. Subisu’s digital TV, started from Mangsir 3, 2071, has marked a new line of digital content broadcasting service to Nepalese. While we wait for triple play services of Internet, Telephony and Television via the same broadband pipe, we have almost reached there but now with Internet and TV on the same cable.

Clear digital tv Nepal is a new digital TV broadcasting (service provider) of its kind in the country.
Clear digital tv Nepal is a new digital TV broadcasting (service provider) of its kind in the country.

Subisu believes “clear tv” digital television service is for better TV viewing experience in Nepal’s first digital cable television service history. Clear TV is Nepal’s First Digital Cable Television Service distinct from satellite based DTH service already popular in Nepal. Each set top box (STB) of Rs 5058 gives access to various digital channels as per subscriptions.

While digital TV services carry ability of double or multiple audio feed (multiple language and subtitle features) for channels just like in DTH service, clear TV signals are not affected by storm, rain or weather. Digital signals reach STB thru coaxial copper cable between service provider and end user’s premise. In this aspect, digital STB can outstand DTH.

Customers pay Rs 100 each month additional to their existing monthly subscription charges to get clear TV, “Enhanced TV viewing experience with High Definition TV Channels is what Clear TV is all about.” With the increasing demand for new technology and High Definition (HD) media content in Nepal, Subisu is focusing on catering to current market demand.

SUBISU introduces “CLEAR TV” a digital cable television service which will definitely change the way we have been watching television in Nepal. For many reasons, this kind of digital TV broadcasting is differ from satellite based dish/direct to home (DTH) TV service.

CLEAR TV implements internationally certified latest technology in the field of digital video broadcasting. SUBISU’s Magical STB is feature packed which rightly differentiates itself in its category:

  1. Home Screen (for one window overview of the entire service)
  2. Electronic Program Guide (7 days detailed hour-by-hour of program guide of each channel)
  3. Favorite (to list favorite channel enabling to quick jump )
  4. Catch Up TV (catch up to your favorite program, if in case you miss them)
  5. Video On Demand (watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc, at your will)
  6. Reminder & Recording (set up reminder or record program of your interest )

CLEAR TV is all set to provide its service starting from Kathmandu Valley and will gradually be available to all the major cities and towns in Nepal. Subscribers will be able to enjoy the much awaited service and experience the next level entertainment from 1st November, 2014.

CLEAR TV contains various genres of Nepali Channels, News Channels, Entertainment Channels, Movie, Channels, Sports Channels, Kids Channels, Documentary & Lifestyle channels along with Regional Channels and will definitely cater to everyone’s requirement. Channels packages will also include few exclusive and High Definition channels. Subscribers just need to install Set Top Box (STB) along with Subisu Cable Connection to enjoy the clearest TV viewing experience in Nepal. Subishu has also been running traditional cable television service “true cable”.

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