NET TV, Nepal’s first licensed OTT IPTV [Review]

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Six years ago, we had published an article on feasibility of IPTV in Nepal. Later, we were presented with ideas of WebTV and digital TV services from major market players. It is until NET TV Nepal that we are seeing a sort of IPTV service in Nepal – sort – because NET TV Nepal only streams already available digital and analog TV channels to its customer-base on their online platform. NET TV Nepal is hence mobile over-the-top (OTT) IPTV application for the first time in Nepal.

Graphics Nepal's first licensed IPTV platform NET TV Nepal Review by TechSansar
Graphics Nepal’s first licensed IPTV platform NET TV Nepal Review by TechSansar

It allows customers to access live TV channels and other streaming contents (usually video contents)  thru their mobile app of the same name “NET TV”. Currently, supporting iPhone, iPad and Android devices, users of NET TV Nepal can stream video contents of the channels that are available on current TV broadcast channel’s native resolution including Ultra High Definition (UHD), High Definition (HD) and up to 4K video streaming.

NET TV Nepal is a licensed IPTV platform (rather than IPTV operator in itself which would otherwise stream its own content just like traditional TV channels). NET TV Nepal is operated by Nepalese market leaders in streaming and triple play multi-screen device delivery solution, NITV Streamz Pvt Ltd, Kathmandu.

NET TV being Nepal based IPTV is available for use in Nepal ONLY. However, during our test, we could use NET TV from the US and the EU countries (using VPN) – and this clearly doesn’t demarcate the service usage (this is also stated by some users on their App store customer reviews.)

NET TV states on their website that they have plans to bring open platform which allow anyone to bring their contents to sell and make business. Digital media distribution cloud thru local ISPs  help streaming with quality and HD delivery without international Internet traffic.

User dashboard of NET TV Nepal where users can topup their account & purchase TV Packages
User dashboard of NET TV Nepal where users can topup their account & purchase TV Packages

Just like many Nepalese services, NET TV website and app carry no terms and conditions during sign up or ever. No data privacy and disclaimer policies mentioned. No feedback or contact us emails replied. Plus no secure SSL/HTTPS provisioning even on the user management portal. Try your luck sniffing NET TV data packets while practicing Wireshark.

Even though you pay for the app (channel package), you are thrown multiple advertisements everywhere in the app from top big banner to full screen ads.

FAQs of NET TV IPTV in Nepal

NET TV Nepal feature exploration animation
NET TV Nepal feature exploration animation

How to use NETTV?

NETTV mobile app is available on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. You require Internet to stream or watch contents on the app.

What is the minimum Internet speed to use NETTV?

No official statement on that. However, our tests of using NETTV on both NTC and Ncell 3G inside and outside the ringroad could stream TV channels with little buffering. Sadly, NTC ADSL users will be frustrated while they wait for buffering to start.

Does NETTV support TV Casting?

Yes, you can cast your NETTV streaming content to your Google Chromecast. However, this works on Android devices only as of writing this FAQ.

I live abroad, how can I benefit from NETTV?

Sorry, NETTV is a licensed IPTV operating platform and meant to be consumed inside Nepal only. However, you probably already know the pitfalls (which we stated above.)

Which TV channels can I watch for free in NETTV app?

All users need to purchase some sort of packages from the user dashboard of NET TV Nepal web portal. Packages include single channels, movie channels, and other channels. So far only ONE Nepali movie “Resham Filili” is available on the movie channel for Rs 15 per month, while other free Nepali movies can be found listed in default package.

Never expiring default package is automatically assigned to all logged in users. There are total of 57 channels including all Nepali TV channels listed in default package inside the user dashboard.

Can I watch NETTV channels on my Xbox, Sony Playstation or Smart TV or Apple TV?

NETTV doesn’t support any of these devices as of now. External streaming devices like Xbox, Sony PSP and Smart TVs each will need their own version of NETTV application on those devices or platforms.

Is NET TV Nepal legal? Are those TV channels available on the app legally available?

The official website of NETTV states that NITV, the company running the IPTV application, is licensed to operate this service for customers within Nepal only. Hence, it is safe to state that streamed contents that were meant to be broadcasted within Nepal only can be broadcasted ie streamed within Nepal.

Why does NET TV’s payment gateway states PayPal (even though it’s inactive for selection)?

Even though PayPal is not available in Nepal and Nepalese here can not create PayPal account to pay thru it or credit/debit cards, people traveling to Nepal can subscribe NET TV service during their stay in the country. Probably NRNs and tourists or you name it.

Apart from PayPal, you can purchase subscription or packages on NET TV using any of SCT nPay, eSewa or iPay services.

You can find official frequently asked questions on NET TV Nepal’s official web page (the ones listed here are not essentially from that page.)

So how do you suffice the need of using NET TV IPTV here in Nepal where we are still struggling to get bandwidth higher than 256Kbps and our cellular data are enormously costly.

Are Nepalese ready to pay to use NET TV IPTV just to stream Nepali TV channels or say Hindi serial channels when we have upto 18 hours of power cut and non-intermittent Internet connection? Or at least people on the move will subscribe NET TV when there are cricket or football matches.

Luxury or need, choice is yours. Share us your experience of using NET TV IPTV below in the comments.

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  1. Rabi aryal says

    I am on Worldlink 5 mbps fibernet and this Nettv is working fluent through the net and no any problem is found still !! Thumbs up ? for Nettv

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