Is China high on setting the 4G standards?

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4G LTE got more attention after iPhone 5, the only truth with iPhone 5
4G LTE got more attention after iPhone 5, the only truth with iPhone 5

It has been few years now 3G has hit the market, while many economies are still trying their luck with 3G. However, 4G, the future is here. The slower and unreliable nature of 3G has pushed 4G higher. IDG editorial explore’s the Chinese concerned with 3G suffering and welcoming of 4G. China is going high on 4G, so is it going to get the 4G standards?

Apple’s new iPhone 5 unveiled recently has generated anticipation and speculation on the future of 4G. It may be “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”, but that doesn’t consider the other smartphones that are now challenging iPhone’s No.1 spot.  The iPhone 5 release has been met with mixed reactions from consumers and techy geeks. Probably the most exciting upgrade is the 4G connectivity, but, does 4G, and the other updates like the larger screen and new earphones, make the iPhone 5 worth the long wait?

China’s 4G Ambitions

4G is the future, and China wants in. With more mobile users than the population of the USA, companies are keen for Chinese mobile-owners to make the switch to Smartphones and tablets. With emerging markets in Africa adopting China’s brand of 4G, China are pushing to make theirs the global standard for next generation wireless internet.

The What, Why and When Wide-scale availability may be several years away, but 4G has definitely arrived. There continues to be confusion however, over what 4G actually is, and how it differs from its predecessor. Understand the definition of 4G from a technology perspective, discover the benefits of 4G-enabled services to businesses, and see a realistic timeline for its standardization.

Portion taken from IDG Editorial

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