Smart Telecom, next operator looking for 4G in Nepal

Smart Telecom – the third largest mobile operator in Nepal is on the queue to 4G in Nepal. Smart Telecom which runs on Hello Nepal brand of cellular services has recently submitted an application to the government seeking permission to launch 4G in Nepal even though the company has not been running 3G services as of now. Good point is to run 4G, you don’t need 3G as a baseline.
With this, Smart Telecom is likely to become the third telecom to launch the fourth generation (4G) service in the country followed by Nepal Telecom and Ncell which are still awaiting 4G permission in Nepal from the regulator.
While Nepal Telecom (NT) has already obtained 4G licence from the government, private mobile operator Ncell has recently submitted its 4G rollout plan to Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) — the country’s telecommunication sector regulator.

Smart Telecom Nepal Logo
Smart Telecom Nepal Logo
Smart Telecom recently submitted its application seeking permission to launch 4G service under 1,800 MHz brand frequency,” said NTA Spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal, adding that NTA will look into whether Smart Telecom is able to meet the parameters set by the new Frequency Policy to operate 4G before a decision regarding whether or not to allow the company to launch 4G service would be taken.
Though Smart Telecom had sought 4G permission from the government a few months ago as well, NTA had not given its go-ahead to the company after it was found that Smart Telecom had not fulfilled the conditions set by laws regarding service expansion.
Moreover, Smart Telecom has not yet launched 3G service. However, NTA says that the fact it has not yet rolled out 3G would not have any relevance if Smart Telecom has fulfilled all its obligations required to launch the 4G service.
“NTA’s technical committee will analyse Smart Telecom’s proposal first and see if it has met all its obligations before seeking a rollout plan from the company to operate 4G,” added Aryal. A decision on whether to allow Smart Telecom to begin 4G service or not will be finalised after NTA analyses the 4G rollout plan of the company.
In its application submitted to NTA, Smart Telecom has said that it plans to add new network towers across Kathmandu Valley, which would support both 2G and 4G services.
Meanwhile, NTA has not yet taken a decision on Ncell’s 4G rollout plan. According to Aryal, NTA’s board meeting will soon sit to decide on Ncell’s proposal.
On the other hand, NT, being the only telecom operator to have received the 4G licence, is all set to begin the service in the country from January 1.
The 4G is fourth generation wireless mobile telecommunication service that enhances internet using experience for mobile users.

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