Ncell Twitter Zero: Free Twitter data in Nepal with Ncell Network

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[Updated on March 21, 2017]

Ncell’s Twitter zero in Nepal will be shut and no longer available as of March 25th, 2017. Regular cellular data or package rate will apply to the Twitter usage data.

[Update August 27th, 2014]

Ncell added 3 more months of Free Twitter #NcellTweet4Free

Respecting the demands of Ncell customers, Ncell added 3 more free months of Twitter. As mentioned earlier via official Tweet form Ncell, it briefly said Ncell will be adding three months of Free Twitter for its customers. Ncell Twitter Zero will now expire on November 26, 2014 (Mangsir 10, 2071) unless terminated before by the company. With this announcement, Ncell Twitter Zero also supports latest version of Opera browsers (which was earlier not possible due to proxy issue with Opera Software ASA.)

Twitter Zero: What can be an exciting offer for Twitter addicts than a free Twitter cellular data on their carrier’s network! Ncell, Nepal’s leading telecommunications company, has just announced an offer of free Twitter application specific data to its users for upto 3 months from a DM (Direct Message) to Twitter users starting May 27th to August 26, 2014. Ncell’s users can now use Twitter without incurring any cellular data usage for absolutely free – yes, similar to Wikipedia Zero which the company launched earlier this month.

Use Twitter for free on Ncell cellular Network official pictorization, pic courtesy Ncell
Use Twitter for free on Ncell cellular Network official pictorization, pic courtesy Ncell


Twitter Zero: Ncell’s free Twitter offer

Now use Twitter for free with Ncell
Now use Twitter for free with Ncell

Now, more than 3 lakh Twitter users from Nepal can enjoy Twitting without paying a paisa on Ncell’s cellular network. This free Twitter offer as application-specific data is available to all Ncell cellular or data users without any strings attached – no activation required, subscription or activation service fees required.

This free Twitter offer on Ncell network applies to

  • Official Twitter apps ie Twitter for iOS and Android (which most probably includes Android ported OS like Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and other tablets.)
  • Other official Twitter app mentioned here: TweetDeck, Twitter for Mac and Windows 8.

However, due to technical limitations of native proxy browsers this offer, like Wikipedia Zero, is not available in Opera mini, Nokia browser, Kindle Silk browser, Blackberry and other browsers that reply on their proxy servers for delivering contents to users. Read Ncell’s official offer on  Use Twitter for free on Ncell.

Also, do notice, while Ncell free Twitter scheme covers Twitter data for free, it doesn’t cover anything else on embedded Tweets like embedded YouTube videos, or Flickr photo stream, or your instagram picture or media files that are hosted on 3rd party and served via Tweets. So, be careful, better be safe than complaint. Ensure you have either opted not to show any media items in your twitter timeline or marked everything sensitive to prevent from excess data usage not covered by this scheme.

The banner message “You are currently using Twitter Mobile with no data charges” is displayed to users while using Twitter’s mobile or desktop website. Similarly, the external link notification on individual tweets display  “Accept data charges and continue? Standard data charges apply to see Do you want to continue?” The screenshot below gives the insight of the same.

Enjoy Twitter without data charges, courtesy of @Ncell
Enjoy Twitter without data charges, courtesy of @Ncell

Enjoy Twitter without data charges, courtesy of @Ncell. This is display during initial launch of the Twitter website. However, Ncell still displays same Wikipedia Zero screen when taking to external links.

Twitter effect in Nepal

While the number of Twitter users is increasing in linear fashion, the engagement ratio and Twitter noise is on exponential growth curve – expected fallacy. Whatever may the users be engaged in Twitter with, this no strings attached Twitter Zero offer from Ncell will save Megabytes of data spent on Twitting for many Twitter addicts for sure.

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