How to Configure TP-Link Router for NTC ADSL

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Like Digicom, another popular and most used ADSL modem/router in Nepal is TP-Link router. Here we present a step by step visual guide on how to configure Nepal Telecom’s ADSL Internet Connection with your TP-Link Modem or router. For the base reference, we configured and tested for optimality with TP-Link’s 150 Mbps Wireless N ADSL 2+ Modem Router (Model: TD-W8951ND.)

TP Link Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router - Test device to configure NTC ADSL Settings
TP Link Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router – Test device to configure NTC ADSL Settings

Let’s follow below the guide for how to setup the TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router as a generic device for the same company.

Open this link ( in your Internet browser, then Quick Start tab will appear as illustrated. This ADSL Router is ideal for home networking and small business networking. The “Quick Start” wizard will guide you configure the ADSL router to connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) ie NTC ADSL.

Quick Start page : TP Link Modem for NTC ADSL Internet Connection
Quick Start page : TP Link Modem for NTC ADSL Internet Connection

Click Run Wizard, which will show the steps needed to configure your TP-Link router. This quick start is a shortcut yet fully functional way to configure the ADSL modem. Follow the simple 4 steps and you will save the ADSL router settings for NTC.

Step 1. Choose your time zone

Step 2. Set your Internet conection

Step 3. Wireless network configuration

Step 4. Save setting of this ADSL Router

Time Zone Configuration

You can begin your configuration by clicking next. In first step it will ask to Choose your time zone, after selecting time zone click next (unfortunately TP-Link hasn’t yet provided the time zone for Nepal which is GMT+05:45, so you will need to choose the closest Indian Time Zone.)

Sadly TP Link ADSL Router doesn't have Nepal Standard Time
Sadly TP Link ADSL Router doesn’t have Nepal Standard Time

ISP Connection Type for NTC ADSL

In this step, you have to select your ISP connection type. There are four types of connection to choose from ie Dynamic & Static IP Address, PPPoE/PPP0A and Bridge Mode. Here you will need to select the third choice of PPPoE/PPPoA option which is common for most of the ADSL or DSL users, and obviously the same NTC ADSL settings in all sorts of routers.

NTC ADSL Configuration on TP Link Router: ISP Connection Types for ADSL
NTC ADSL Configuration on TP Link Router: ISP Connection Types for ADSL

PPPoE/PPPoA Configuration for NTC ADSL

After selecting your ISP connection type, it will ask you to enter username and password provided by your ISP. Ensure to enter your Nepal Telecom’s ADSL subscription username and password. Your NTC ADSL username starts like adslXXXXX where X is a telephone number digit.

A note of caution!
We believe you’ve changed your default NTC ADSL password which would otherwise be easier for hackers to grab your ADSL password for NTC without any guessing. Read this: How to secure NTC ADSL.

Take a note of the PPPoE/PPPoA information provided by NTC ADSL (valid for all sort of routers)

VPI : 8 / VCI : 81 / Connection Type: PPPoE LLC
TP Link NTC ADSL PPPoE Settings
TP Link NTC ADSL PPPoE Settings

WLAN Configuration for TP-Link

You are then asked to configure WLAN settings. To enable wireless (WiFi) access in your TP-Link router, activate the access point (AP) feature. SSID refers to the name of your WiFi connection.

After configuring WLAN settings quick start setup wizard is completed. If you want to modify your changes or mistakes you can click on the back button otherwise click next to save your setting. You are now ready to surf with NTC ADSL Internet Connection from your TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router.

NTC ADSL Configuration on TP Link Router: Wireless LAN (WLAN) ADSL Configuration
NTC ADSL Configuration on TP Link Router: Wireless LAN (WLAN) ADSL Configuration

Manual way of Configuring NTC ADSL for TP-Link

If you cannot successfully configure your router then there is another alternative way. This is however kind of manual configuration utilizing ADSL connection parameters given by NTC with your TP-Link router.

Instead of going thru Quick Start tab, go to Interface Setup tab. Under this tab go to Internet tab. Fill in the configuration parameters as shown below. Choose the range of VPI & VCI under ATM VC, QoS, and Encapsulation details.

TP Link ADSL Router Interface setup manual configuration
TP Link ADSL Router Interface setup manual configuration

Before moving to another tab save it otherwise you will have to configure it again if you moved to another tab without saving. Go to wireless tab to configure wlan setting.

Specify parameters for configuration of 11n Settings as channel bandwidth, multiple SSIDs, WPS and security features as needed. If you want to use Internet thru multiple wireless devices as different network SSIDs, select yes for Broadcast SSID under Multiple SSIDs settings.

TP Link ADSL Router Wireless (SSID) settings & Security
TP Link ADSL Router Wireless (SSID) settings & Security

This completes our visual tutorial on configuring and securing TP-Link and other generic ADSL router for NTC’s ADSL Internet connection. Do share your experiences and troubleshooting on this.

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  1. basanta says

    password chai kasto hucha

    1. Team says

      K ko pass sodhnu bhayeko? WiFi ko ki ADSL ko?
      WiFi ko chahi according to your wish, ADSL ko chahi earlier user chha bhen 4 or 5 digit ko hunchha, pachi ko user ho bhane adsl ani phone number hunchha. Read this on How to secure NTC ADSL-

  2. dinesh says

    wireless dsl ko lagi configure kasari garne?

    1. Team says

      You need to set up configuration at “ISP Connection Type for NTC ADSL” step where your ISP’s connection type has to be specified. For example, If your Wireless DSL service provider has give you IP linkage, you should proceed this way. The other way is to fill the forms in the manual set up at “Interface Setup / Wireless” step shown above.

  3. arun says

    how to change the password

  4. Aashish says

    Bro, maile firmware update gare the lastest version maa ani from that day mero router le adsl connect cha vanera nai dekhau daina, maile aru ko router lera aayera check gareko sabai thik cha but mero router bata net chaldaina.. settings ni sabai thik cha.. is it a hardware problem or net??

  5. Ramesh Baral says

    Hello ! Techsansar..
    i have a adsl router and i want to use it as dsl router. so can i manually configure it and use as dsl router?

  6. Dhan says

    how to block the website at the TP Link Router. Please

  7. santosh says

    मैले अफिसमा Tp-link ADSL router प्रयोग गरेको छु । मेरो htc one s मोबाइलमा wifi पासवर्ड सेभ गरेर समेत राखेको हुन्छु तर कहिलेकाहीँ wifi search गर्दा signal नै देखाउँदैन त्यो wifi को । त्यही नजिकका अरू wifi signal देखाउँछ तर अफिसको आफ्नै wifi को signal चाहिँ देखाउँदैन । अरु साथीहरुको मोबाईलमा भने देखाईरहेको हुन्छ त्यो पनि । मेरो मोबाईलमा मात्र देखाउँदैन । wifi name change, password change गर्दा पनि हुँदैन । पूरै रिसेट गर्दा पनि हुँदैन । अचम्मको कुरा २-३ दिन पछि भने आफैँ चल्न थाल्छ। कहिले चाहि २-३ पल्ट router मा power on/off गरेपछि चल्छ, कहिले त्यसो गर्दा पनि चल्दैन ।

  8. bishal says

    how to know how many desktop are connected to my router ?? can i get theit ip address ??

  9. Kruter Ruler says

    o mero net download speed ta 22 kb/s matra hunxa ta k yo badauna mildaina

  10. diwas says

    Router hard reset garepachi, what will be the username and password for therouter ? I dont recall one given to me

  11. rajesh bajracharya says

    Tplink ADSL WiFi router ko password android mobile bata change kasari garnet?

  12. reema thapa magar says

    mero wifi ko pw change garna khojda authantication required magxa ok click garda protected object bhanxa k garnu parla

  13. AB says

    mero router ma wifi ko signal nai dekhaudaina ma setting ko lagi username n password rakhda, password automatic refill hunxa n password wrong vancha… plz can you give me d right solution? i had called NTC office so many times but no one give me right solution..

  14. […] How to Configure TP-Link Router for NTC ADSL – TP Link Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router – Test device to configure NTC ADSL Settings. Our Tutorials on Configuration of NTC ADSL Routers … Save setting of this ADSL Router. Time Zone Configuration. … Manual way of Configuring NTC ADSL for TP-Link. […]

  15. keshab rijal says

    i don’t have wifi .i want to be connected to internet..but how ? i have listened that it can be connected via router.please can you say me the procedures to be connected and how much does it costs ?

  16. Ribesh Maharjan says

    my router settings doesnt change even after i reset my router? can u help with this problem because of it i cannot change my wifi password..its emergency

  17. saurav says

    what do i do when internet does not stay constant and the router goes off in certain time interval ?

  18. sam says

    My new ip is not saving in my router. I want to change ip to

    1. tsroot says

      Dear Sam,
      Unless your router’s firmware is not writeable which is usually not the case, you should be able to save changes to the router.
      In case of changing IP from to, ensure you have changed this IP and enabled DHCP – might be needed – and then saved this configuration, and rebooted the router. Even after saving and rebooting the router, if configurations aren’t being saved please call your Router’s authorized service provider – in case of TP Link many local ones can assist.

  19. Susan Timilsina says

    advanced setup ra aaru ko khai taw information i want it can u rep it

  20. Xurozzz says

    Mali dsn addresses dinu na kun chaii rakhda fast chalxa hola tha nai vayena … kati use gare but doesn’t work..!!

  21. Prem Grg says

    anybody here ?? i have a problem in tp link router.

    1. Team TechSansar says

      What’s your problem Prem?

  22. vikash shah says

    what to do when they say your vcl/vpl is invalid while keeping it to vpl- 8 and vcl-81 respectively and stays on vpl-1 and vcl-32,
    Help me out after reseting my router this is the error which i am continously getting while confuguring my router and but the net is working nd seems a bit slower then before………..

  23. diwas poudel says

    very very helpful post !!!!!! Thanks a lot

  24. Taranath Bohara says

    Hi, Namaste, I want to see my ADSL password on my computer which is not available. When I try with this address which is not open. Please give me the suggestion. I have the tp-link router. Thank you.

  25. GamerKLS says

    My adsl router restarts any time just randomly. Any help?

    1. Chandani Nepal says

      Maybe it’s too old or make a habit of restarting your device everyday once for smooth operation.

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